Stop wasting money!

Restaurants in the UK are currently wasting enormous amounts of money every day. Hot air from the kitchen is ventilated straight out while the cold supply air needs to be heated. With rising energy prices, restaurants are missing out on big savings that are needed now more than ever. Over the coming weeks, your EHB will kick into action, consuming thousands of kWh’s of electricity.

With Lepido you can cut the cable and recover the energy from your kitchen exhaust rather than buying it from your utility. How, do you ask?

Well, Lepido, a Swedish patented innovation by Enjay Systems, can recover the energy from the hot exhaust air from the kitchen and use it to heat the supply air. As Lepido doesn´t need extra service or maintenance, the cost per recovered kWh is £ 0,004, making it the cheapest kWh available. Furthermore, by using the recycled energy, a restaurant can halve its heating costs and drastically reduce its fossil CO2 emissions.

With booming energy costs and an ongoing race to “net-zero”, it´s time for a global wake up call. More countries need to start using the Swedish way to recover energy. 

Use our calculator to find out how much money you are able to save:

Why Lepido?

The exhaust air from the kitchen is heavily polluted by grease and soot and it is generally considered hard, if not impossible, to recover the energy without extensive and expensive maintenance costs.

Having no recovery system in place means that property and restaurant owners waste an enormous amount of energy and money, possibly without realising it, or from believing such a recovery is not possible.



But... the kitchen is where you’ll find the highest temperatures and the largest airflows and just releasing all that heat straight into the air is an immense waste of energy, as well as unnecessary CO2 emission, and, not least, a waste of money.

In other words, there is everything to gain from addressing this and the heavy-duty heat exchanger, Lepido, that has a different design than traditional recovery batteries and can actually handle the grease and the soot. It is now possible to recover energy in these polluted airstreams.

Lepido's average energy recovery per restaurant and year in kWh