The heat exchanger that can handle all types of ventilation

Utilize the full potential of your heat recovery

Meet Lepido

Lepido, by Enjay Systems is an industrial staggered tube heat exchanger for polluted air streams developed in Sweden. 

Unlike all other heat exchangers on the market, Lepido recovers heat from all types of ventilation, and not just from clean air in general ventilation. Even when the air is polluted by grease, soot, oil mist, dirt, wood chips, lint, powder, particles, dust or steam. And that too without pre-filteration.

It works in these tough environments without affecting operations and without any need for downtime.


Process Ventilation

In all buildings where there is an ongoing process, the air gets polluted and is ventilated out of the building via process ventilation. Due to the pollutants in the exhaust air, this hot air is ventilated without any energy recovery as traditional heat exchangers are not able to cope with pollutants. The result is a massive waste of energy/money/CO2. As process ventilation often maintains a higher temperature and has higher air flows than general ventilation, there is a lot of energy to save.

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Our technology can be used to recapture excess heat in all types of process ventilation. Thanks to our patented design, pollutants in the exhaust air is no longer a problem when it comes to energy recovery.
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Examples of segments (listed with their respective pollutants) that are now able to recover energy by using Lepido: 

  • Restaurant ventilation ( grease and soot)
  • Industrial laundries (lint and moisture)
  • Polymer factories (particles)
  • Food production (grease and moisture)
  • Wood dryers (particles)
  • Crop dryers (particles)
  • Painting (particles)

Reference projects

 The technology is already used in 100s of fast food restaurants, laundries and food production facilities in 10 different markets in Europe where the recovered heat is used to heat air or liquid that is returned to the process or used to heat the premises.

This is how it works