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Recycling heat from kitchens to keep restaurants warm
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Recycling heat from kitchens to keep restaurants warm

On the windy roof of a Burger King in Malmö, southern Sweden, Maggad Khalidy points to a large metal box attached to a jungle of pipes and wires. From the outside, it's far from an eye-catching innovation, but Mr Khalidy, who owns the fast food franchise that runs this restaurant, says Lepido has saved the branch the equivalent of around $16,000 (£13,000) a year in heating bills.


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Matt Manfield, facilities manager for Turtle Bay in the UK, says he was "blown away" by the concept, after seeing the results of Enjay's trials in Sweden. "We were looking at ways in which we could reduce our costs and become more sustainable, and this was at the forefront of what we'd found."

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